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Cognitive Dissonance

Here is some humorous commentary on central economic planning that used to circulate in socialist Czechoslovakia’s “underground” (i.e. where the 99% lived).  It strikes me as being eminently applicable as we watch Obama try to implement central planing in the U.S.

The Five Stages of [Central] Planning

1.  Pre-project ecstasy
2.  Reality-imposed sobriety
3.  Search for guilty parties
4.  Punishment of innocents
5.  Rewarding individuals who had nothing to do with it

Now, think of the thousands of “shovel-ready projects” that Obama’s “dream team” planners, still in the grip of profound Stage 1 intoxication, had told us were “out there.”

Plus ça change, plus ça même chose…

Anyway, the question, then and today, is how anyone can think that he/she/it can encompass and understand, let alone control such a vast and chaotic system as the economy of a nation.  Fortunately, we do know the answer to that.  It is the…

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