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English: English as a foreign language materia...

English: English as a foreign language materials at the United States Immigration Station. Taken during San Francisco Meetup 13 on Angel Island near San Francisco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shadowing is a language learning technique which was first developed by the American Professor Alexander Arguelles while in Germany which he later refined, over time, while living in Korea. The basis of the method is to have audio in the language you are learning and while listening, one attempts to say what is being said as quickly as one hears it. While doing this, it is most beneficial for one to be walking swiftly to maximize alertness and oxygenation.

There are two different types of shadowing which are best used at different stages in the learning of a foreign language. The first is best done at a beginning level with a course such as AssimilLinguaphone or the Cortina Method. A. Arguelles considers Assimil to be the best possible series for the beginner shadowing style. Audio books are used for the advanced method.

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